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Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

 作者: Retold and Illustrated by Eileen Christelow  分类: 必读榜:0-2岁英文书单  出版社: Clarion Book  出版日期: 1995  ISBN: 9780395557013  页面: 32  获取图书

“NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED!” The nursery rhyme “Five Little Monkeys” has long been a favorite song and finger play with the preschool set, but Eileen Christelow gives it new life as a hilarious picture book. Her expressive pencil and watercolor illustrations capture both the glee and the pratfalls of those misbehaving monkeys. A sure-fire hit at story hour, this rhythmic romp is a counting lesson, too, as the five bouncy bed-jumpers bump their heads and get hauled off to the doctor one by one. This board-book edition is just the right size for small human hands. (IRA/CBC Children’s Choice Award, 1990) A counting book in which one by one the little monkeys jump on the bed only to fall off and bump their heads.

专为学前和小学学龄儿童设计《it's me!》系列4个阶段1-16级 共54册 原版英语课程
专为学前和小学学龄儿童设计《it's me!》系列4个阶段1-16级 共54册 原版英语课程
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